online casino for beginners

online casino for beginners

If you are new to online casinos, I write that you should do it first. First, let’s verify your identity. Next is deposit. This alone is OK at the minimum.


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How to start an online casino for beginners

I think that beginners are full of things that beginners do not understand when starting an online casino, so I will write down things that should be done first.

There are countless online casinos, but I think the first step is to choose an online casino.

I think there are nearly 100 online casinos that can be played from Japan, including casinos that I don’t know about.

Among them, we recommend the one in which the first deposit bonus is a separate type.

Also, although it is not a separate type, we recommend Leo Vegas, an online casino, because the quality of support is by far the best.

You may want to play in a more minor place, but we recommend playing in a famous place first.

The reason why I recommend a famous place is that there are few troubles.

There is a good point that you can get a lot of bonuses in minor places, but there are factors that make users uneasy because the support chat does not speak Japanese and the withdrawal is slow.

If you are a beginner, let’s do it at the time of registration


To register for an online casino, you will need your email address and smartphone.

* In some cases, you can just use your email address.

Be sure to register your e-mail address and phone number with your own.

Some people find it scary to give their email address or phone number to the casino, but they have to believe it because the GDPR protects their personal information.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Official Legal Text
General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) – The official PDF of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, its recitals & key issues as a neatly arranged website.

Also, you can only register with your email address and smartphone number, but in this state you can deposit but not withdraw.

To withdraw

・ Identity verification documents
This document includes a driver’s license, Individual Number Card, passport, etc.
My number card must have a photo of the person.
・ Residence confirmation documents are required.
Documents containing your address, sent from a third-party trusted institution, such as water, gas, electricity bills, and credit card statements.

There are other casinos where you can withdraw up to how much without verifying your identity, but you must register when you withdraw with a large amount of money.
And do this identity verification before making a deposit.

In many casinos, you can make a deposit with a simple registration.
However, when you withdraw money, you will be asked to submit documents to verify your identity.

If it is true, it should be possible to make a deposit after confirming the identity, but since the casino is also a for-profit company, that is not strict.
It is self-defense to complete identity verification before depositing.

If you can only deposit, you can’t withdraw because you haven’t verified your identity even if you draw a jackpot and apply for withdrawal.
It may cause troubles such as not being able to withdraw money due to incomplete identity verification documents.
It’s a bit of a hassle before you play, but we recommend that you always verify your identity first.

Let’s register the withdrawal destination


If possible, what you should do before starting an online casino is to register the web bank of the withdrawal destination.
Typical are ecopayz and Venus Point.
ホーム | Venus Point

Venus Point is recommended because you can get points (cash) when depositing or withdrawing.

Recently, the number of places where you can make bank withdrawals directly at casinos has increased, but it is advantageous to withdraw with Venus Point once because points (cash) will be given.
The reason for using such a web bank is that the number of casinos that transfer money directly to the bank is increasing, but I didn’t do that until just a little while ago.

This web bank can also save cash, and if you want to play at another online casino, you can send money directly from the web bank to the online casino.
If you have decided to play at the online casino only once, it is okay to withdraw from the casino by bank, but there will be a fee for depositing to the casino and sending to the casino by bank transfer. ..

However, if you use this web bank, there are many affiliated casinos, so the fee will be free.
Therefore, if you plan to continue playing, it is better to create a web bank so that you can play at a good price.

there are no fees for creating an account on web bank

ecopayz does not charge a fee to create an account, but it does incur an account maintenance fee.

There is an”account maintenance fee”in Ecopayz, and an account maintenance fee of 1.50 EUR will be charged every month from 12 months after the last transaction history.

In that case, Venus Point would be fine, but it seems that the casino bears the point back of Venus Point, and some casinos have recently stopped tie-ups.
Venus Point is obviously more convenient and affordable, but some casinos only support ecopayz, so use them properly.

Of course, you can also send money to your bank account instead of sending it to the casino.
For ecopayz, it costs 1% of the withdrawal amount or about 15 euros.

Even if you actually withdraw money to a bank, Venus Point is clearly more advantageous.
However, as I mentioned earlier, there are some casinos that support it, so there are cases where you have to use ecopayz.

By the way, this Venus Point.
If you deposit with a card for the first time at a casino, you can probably use it as a withdrawal destination, but if you deposit with ecopayz etc., you cannot use it as a withdrawal destination.

In principle, online casinos will only withdraw to the same service as when depositing, if the deposit method also supports withdrawals.
This seems to be done as a preventive measure to prevent money laundering, not tampering with it.

For bank deposits, you will be asked to choose the withdrawal method, but if you deposit with virtual currency, the withdrawal will also be virtual currency.
I don’t know the scale, but it’s basically like this.

Betting conditions

Beginners should understand this concept.
For example, $1000 deposit bonus 300%! If you are doing a campaign such as, you may think that it is a good deal because you can get $ 4000 just by depositing $ 1000, but there are pitfalls.

The pitfall is the betting condition.
If this campaign is Separate type If it’s a bonus campaign, it’s still good, but if it’s a mixed type, even the $ 1000 deposited is gone. There is a possibility that it will end up.

The big difference between the separate type and the mixed type is whether the range of influence of the betting conditions also affects real money.

In the case of the above campaign in a separate type

real money and bonus money will be managed separately in the casino as shown below.

(Real money:$100) + (Bonus money:$300) [Bonus money has betting conditions]

In this case, the betting conditions are only for bonus money, so real money can be withdrawn after playing the minimum betting condition of $ 1000.

in the case of mixed type, it will be as follows
(Real money:$100 + Bonus money:$300) [Betting conditions are attached to the total amount]

In this case, even real money cannot be withdrawn until the betting conditions are met.

Please note that if you do not know this concept, it will lead to trouble that you can not withdraw for some reason.
By the way, the mixed type is not bad, and there are some good points in the mixed type.

I mentioned earlier that real money and bonus money are managed separately in the case of the separate type, but in the case of the separate type, except for some special types, it is always digested from the real money.
And the betting conditions will be exhausted only when the real money runs out and the bonus money is entered.
It’s a bit of a waste, but the separate type is the safest and easiest way to take advantage of bonuses for those who are used to online casinos.

On the other hand, in the case of the mixed type, since the real money and the bonus money are gambling, it means that the betting conditions are always exhausted.
You cannot withdraw until the betting conditions are exhausted, but you can get a large amount if you can clear the betting conditions.

However, if the betting conditions are 30 times, you will not be able to clear the betting conditions unless you play a lot.
In addition, even if this betting condition is 30 times, the separate type is easier to clear.

As mentioned above, in the case of the separate type

the betting condition is attached only to the bonus money, so if you deposit $ 1000 and get a 300% bonus, the betting condition will be attached only to the 300% bonus.

For separate type:
$300 × 30= $ $9,000 You can withdraw if you play

In the case of the mixed type, since it is combined with real money, the betting condition will be attached to the total amount.

For mixed type:
($100 + $300) × 30= $12,000 You can withdraw by playing

Although I wrote that, I don’t see many extreme bonuses such as 30 times at 300%.

If you understand these betting conditions, you can avoid withdrawal troubles.
It is a separate type and you want to draw a big hit at the time of real money and withdraw, but it is easy to think that the bonus is not good, but if you understand the betting conditions, you can discard the bonus and withdraw.


If you can’t control it yourself, you can set an upper limit for daily deposits on any casino site, so control it well.
As you get used to it, you will find that this is a delicious campaign and this is not a very delicious campaign.

Also, if the registered site has a tournament, it is also a good idea to aim for a higher prize.
Among them, there are events where even the smallest bet can be placed in the top, so I didn’t win very much in the slot game, but since I was able to win the top, there are times when I have made a decent balance.
Before registering for an online casino, if you search for the frequency of campaigns and tournament information other than this site, you will find a mountain of them, so please find your favorite online casino.

If you have any questions or topics you would like us to cover, bulletin board or Please contact DM.