Wheels Casino [$300 100%, separate type]


Wheels Casino is a hot topic ! We have a unique bonus system and more than 1300 types of games. You can get 20 free spins by registering.


Wheels Casino A hot topic in collaboration with Hollywood stars!?


・ 20 free spins granted by registration
・ Collaboration with Hollywood stars
・ Original bonus system and more than 1300 kinds of games
・ First deposit $300 100% separation type + 100 Frispi

★If you register from this site, you will receive 20 free spins.★

It will be a Wilds-type on-game.
Collaboration with that Hollywood star! (I don’t know anyone (^ ω ^) …)
It seems that this actor is David Hasselhoff.
He seems to have appeared in a movie called” Bay Witch”, but do movie connoisseurs know?
Wheels Casino seems to have asked David Hasselhoff as the main actor as the first step.
Movie lovers should check it out, as new Hollywood stars may continue to appear as main actors in the future.

Features of the first deposit bonus

Bonus typeSeparate type
First deposit bonus$300(100%)
Betting conditions35x

In addition to the bonus, the first deposit bonus also comes with 100 free spins.

Online Casino Bonus Free Spins

In addition to the deposit match bonus, you can enjoy 100 free spins 10 times each day for 10 days. Each 10-spin batch can be used at Wheel Casino’s popular video slots.

In addition, 10 daily spins will expire after 24 hours, so be careful to log in every day and don’t miss it.

Below is a list of video slots that you can enjoy daily:

Schedule Spins
Day 1 10
Day 2 10
Day 3 10
Day 4 10
Day 5 10
Day 6 10
Day 7 10
Day 8 10
Day 9 10
Day 10 10

Wheelz Casino Welcome Bonus Free Spins are worth between $0.1 and $0.25.

Unfortunately, the free spin model that you can get on the official website was not listed, but it may change depending on the time.
Free spins are just a bonus, but if you’re curious about the content, ask support before depositing and they may tell you.

How to register

Click Register Now.
・ Email
・ Enter the phone number and click” Continue”
·Postal code
・ Birthday (date/month/year)
・ Enter the PIN code (Since the mobile phone number is entered on the registration screen 1, it will come in about a few minutes)
・ Check I agree with the following items
Registration is complete!
Free spins will be given after registration, so let’s play immediately.
I got the money train Frispi.
Please note that the free spins you receive may change.
Wheels will give you free spins every time you level up, so you will accumulate more and more free spins.
Moreover, as described later on Wheels, level-up boosts are easier to get than other Wilds casinos, so more and more free spins are available. It will accumulate.
The simple thing is that once you apply for withdrawal of real money, the real money will be put on hold and you can temporarily have no real money.
Since Wheels is a separate type, it is usually necessary to run out of real money to digest the bonus, but in the case of Wheels, you can temporarily lose real money, so the prize money won by free spins You can easily take on the challenge of cashing.
I don’t know if I was aiming for this system or if it happened to be made like this, but I am grateful to the users.
Make good use of this real money and bonus money and play with great deals.

Is Wheels Casino reliable?

It’s a personal opinion, but the reliability is outstanding just because it is a Wilds type.
I personally made deposits and withdrawals without any problems.
If you ask in chat about prohibited games at the time of bonus, they will answer immediately.
I also like the small number of prohibited games at the time of bonus.
Some online casinos have a lot of prohibited games only at the time of bonus, but there are very few Wilds.
However, there are bet restrictions and bonus reflection rates for live casinos, so it is recommended that you contact the chat once when using the bonus.

There are times when the support chat itself is only for those who cannot speak Japanese, but do you use machine translation? If you use machine translation, it will correspond to a gentleman.
Of course, if you can speak English, you can chat in English as it is.

It took some time to authenticate the user because the number of users did not stop.
We recommend that you complete user authentication as soon as possible.
Wheels doesn’t know if the first deposit bonus has no expiration date or is long, but you can retain that right for at least a month or so.
Therefore, even if you use the first deposit bonus after the identity verification is completed, it will be in time at all.
If you authenticate yourself first, you can withdraw money immediately after winning the first deposit bonus, so it is recommended because there is little lag.

Wheels Casino License

Rootz Limited, the operator of Wheels Casino, has passed rigorous screening, obtained a casino license issued by the Maltese government, and operates the casino legally.
The Wilds itself is a relatively new online casino, but it is growing steadily due to its popularity and uniqueness.
I think the casino will continue to grow in the future, so I can expect it in the future.

Wheels Casino Propider Types

1X2 Gaming/ 2 By 2 Gaming/ Ainsworth Games/
Alchemy Gaming/ All41/ Big Time Gaming/
Booming Games/ Crazy Tooth Studio/ D-Tech/
Elk Studios/ Evolution/ Ezugi/
Foxium/ Gamomat/ Golden Hero/
Golden Rock Studios/ Hacksaw Gaming/ Inspired/
Iron Dog Studio/ JFTW/ Kalamba/
Leander/ Lightning Box/ Microgaming/
NetEnt/ NoLimitCity/ Oryx/
Plank Gaming/ Play’n Go/ Pragmatic Play/
Quickspin/ Red Rake Gaming/ Red Tiger/
Relax/ Slingshot Studios/ Stakelogic/
Stormcraft/ Studios/ Swintt/
Thunderkick/ Triple Edge Studios/ Yggdrasil/
bf-games/ dice-lab/ dreamtech-gaming/
eyecon/ felt-gaming/ games-inc/
gamevy/ gaming-corps/ green-jade/
isoftbet/ jade-rabbit/ net-gaming/
peter-and-sons/ push-direct/ quickspin-direct/
spearhead-studios/ synot/ wazdan.
Great lineup … With more than 1300 lineups, you can play with your favorite model without getting bored.
And play’n go, Prego is the best setting.
Wheels Casino
Is it popular with other buyers? There is also Machina with.
Wheels Casino
Recently, attention has been focused on ultra-high volatility models such as NoLimitCity, but it is the original high-volatility model.
Of course, we have also introduced No Limit City, so you can play San Quentin x Ways and Deadwood, but Makina has a feeling of excitement that is unique to Makina, so if you haven’t played it, please try it.

You can play at once with the buy function, or you can relax and play at the live casino.
The first deposit is a separate type of 30,000 yen (100%), so it doesn’t matter what you play during real money!
If you have a strong heart, you can play with a buy of 30,000 yen at a stretch, or you can spend the full amount with a baccarat.
By the way, I’m not Wheels but wildz, but I bet all the real money on Baccarat I was able to win well and I was worried if I could withdraw money, but he did.
1x betting is a bit unpleasant for casinos because it only costs a fee, but I like the fact that it handles such users properly.

At Wheels, I raised the bet amount a little more than usual and turned the slot without playing a one-shot game.
As a result, the balance increased to x0,000 yen at one point, but I got overwhelmed and got a sad result with a series of high-priced buys.
In my personal opinion, as you can see from play’n GO’s RTP, even if there is a provider that can change the RTP setting, it may be that RTP is set higher.
The initial investment is 30,000 yen, but I was able to reach level 39.
It’s hard to explain how much you could play without actually registering with Wheels and playing, but the total stake is considerable.
Of course I had a chance to withdraw money on the way, but it got hot while I was playing and it all melted ^^;
Use is planned.
When the balance is large, I become enthusiastic and turn around at an amount that I would not normally bet on, or buy a buy, but when the balance becomes large, I should do it carefully.

About the UI of Wheels Casino

If you’re a Wilds user, you probably don’t have to worry about it, but it’s a very easy-to-understand UI.
The search for providers is also sorted alphabetically, so you can scroll to find the provider you are looking for.
Also, if you click on the provider, the game of the provider you are looking for will appear in a row, so it is easy to find.
Of course, if you know the game name, you can fly with a single search.

Furthermore, recently played games are displayed on the TOP, so if you want to play again, you can search immediately.
The only difficulty is that the provider search doesn’t list only the providers, so you can’t reach the provider you’re looking for without scrolling.
You may want to show all of these providers, but it took a long time to get to the last provider in the alphabet because of the large number of providers.
It may not be a bad point because it may be the aim of Wheels who wants another provider to detour on the way, but it may be a little troublesome for those who play with a fixed provider every time.
The search screen for providers can be left as it is, so I think it will be more convenient if you also list the providers.
The UI is already complete, so you may not want to touch it, but it may be improved if there is a lot of user feedback.

A great deal on wheels? How to play

Wilds You can get free spins, cash back, level boost, etc. by leveling up.
Another feature of Wheels Casino is that you can get those benefits as a surprise.
The icon will appear on the left side of the screen when you level up, but Wheels will also appear when you are surprised.

I will speak when I come out.
At first, it was a little louder than the sound of the table, so I was surprised.
I wonder if it will come too much, but I will come about once for each level up, so I can get a lot.
My recommendation is the boost function.
There are 2x and 3x boosts, and if you use boosts, the level will rise steadily and you can get a lot of free spins.
As I mentioned above, I got at least 39 free spins because I was able to reach level 39 with an initial investment of 30,000 yen.

You can use free spins as soon as you get them, but we recommend that you save a lot and use them all at once.
Also, when using it, we recommend that you apply for withdrawal even if you do not want to withdraw real money.
* Once you apply for withdrawal, the bonus for the first deposit will be lost.
When playing this game, we recommend that you do it when you win enough to discard the bonus you get from the first deposit.

The reason for doing such annoying things is that Wheel Casino is a user-friendly, separate type.
Since it is a separate type, the winnings for free spins must be used for real money before the betting conditions can be digested.
Therefore, it is a challenge to temporarily set the balance to 0 and spin a lot of free spins to get bonus money ⇒ real money.
I don’t know if it’s possible to do this even though it’s a separate type, but if you can, make the most of it.
If all goes well, you can increase your balance, and since it is bonus money, there is no risk even if you lose it.

There aren’t many, but there are banned games during bonus money, so let’s chat.
I will tell you soon.
Let’s challenge to increase the balance at once with a model with high volatility so as not to touch the prohibited games.
Recommended models are Fruit Party and The Dog House from Pragmatic Play.
ホイールズカジノ ホイールズカジノ
Both models have fairly high volatility, but they also have a decent amount of dividends during normal times, so they are just right for the challenge.
By the way, Fruit Party has a buy function, but please do not use it.
You will be caught in the maximum bet amount.
If you have a model that you are good at other than the models listed above, please try using that model.
If you don’t mind, I would like to know a model with a good medal in Hibora.
Just playing with the bonus, there is no particular risk, so it is fun to try it when you get the boost function.

Advantages of Wheels Casino

With the level-up boost, it is easy to get free spins that you can get when you level up.
Wiles sometimes get boost items, but Wheels is easy to get boost items and free spins thanks to the surprise gift.
In addition to that, not only do you get free spins when you level up, but you also fill in the letters of Wheel by leveling up, but when you fill in all the free spins, the number of rotations doubles.
Perhaps I’ve only seen twice, but maybe three times, four times, and so on.
I think it is a casino with good service among Wiles.

Also, as with all Wiles, the line with the provider is stable.
Thanks to that, you can enjoy it without stress even if you turn the slot without interruption.
No matter how many models there are, even if the first bonus is gorgeous, if you reconnect while turning the slot, it will personally wither.
In that respect, Wheels has never reconnected, so it seems that it is using a very good line.
Perhaps it is a strategy that can be turned without cooldown because there is no reconnection!
However, I don’t think there is anything wrong with the stable line.

About deposit

We accept credit cards, Venus points, ecopayz and match better.
Wheels Casino
Also, I am grateful that all fees are free.

Deposit/ withdrawal details

Payment options Deposit Withdrawal
Venus Point
Overseas bank remittance ×

Personal impression

As it is a Wilds type, the UI is easy to understand and it is easy to play.
The Boost Challenge (named arbitrarily) is interesting, so please give it a try.
This series is conscientious because Prego’s RTP is high.
Since the lines etc. are stable only in the Wiles series, there was never a break in the middle.