Bang Bang Casino [Separate type $ 200 (100%)]


Bang Bang Casino looks cute, but Bang Bang! What a sense of giving a name.


Bang Bang Casino

Bnag Bang Casino
Bnag Bang Casino

・ Register for $ 25 and get a bonus
・ A bonus is always attached to the deposit

★ If you register from this site, you will get a $ 25 no deposit bonus ★
Betting conditions 35 times
Bang Bang Casino Simple Note:
Separate type for easy withdrawal
Deposit bonus can be used up to 5 times
There is also a day-only bonus
There is even a reload bonus

I registered immediately, so let’s take a look inside.
Bang Bang Casino
You’re pushing a cute character to the front.
It looks like old Akihabara.

Bang Bang Casino has a lot of bonuses, so let’s take a look at each one.

Bang Bang Casino Deposit Bonus

You can get a deposit bonus up to 5 times.
What about the 5 distributions?

First time Up to $ 200 (100%)
Second time Up to $ 200 (25%)
Third time Up to $ 200 (50%)
4th time Up to $ 200 (25%)
5th time Up to $ 200 (50%)

The first time is the most luxurious.
Is it like insurance from the second time onwards?
The betting conditions are 30 times higher, but it is a separate type, so it is sweeter.

However, since the maximum amount at one time is small, it may be a message that you want to play diligently.
It’s not the type that you can get from the first time, but it is a good bonus for those who want to play diligently.

Day of the week bonus

Bang Bang Casino has a lot of first deposit bonuses, but there are also day of the week bonuses.
What you get depends on the day of the week, so let’s take a look.
■ Monday
Bang Bang Casino

Get free spins that can be used in different slots every week.
$ 20 ~ $ 49 Deposit: 20 Free Spins
Deposit $ 50 or more: 50 free spins

It seems that Monday is the day of the week when you can get free spins.
A good bonus for Frispi lovers.

I didn’t write about stakes, so maybe I can get a big stake?

■ Wednesday
Bang Bang Casino

A 25% bonus gift with a deposit of up to $ 250.
I’m suffering from the first deposit bonus w
It means that there is a bonus even if the first deposit bonus is used up.
Maybe I was happy because I could play on Saturdays, Sundays, or Fridays instead of Wednesdays.

■ Weekend

Bang Bang Casino

When I was writing about Wednesday, I had a good weekend.
On weekends, you can play with a huge bonus.

There are still bonuses

You may be full with the day-only bonus, but there are still more bonuses.
Bang Bang Casino

Yes, you actually get a bonus every day.
However, unlike Wednesdays and weekends, this is 10%, so if you want to make a deposit, it’s better on a specific day.

Bang Bang Casino

I don’t know the conditions for becoming a VIP, but if you can become a VIP, it’s a great deal.
The other bonus is 30x betting and separate, but this one is 3x.
Is this bonus a separate type? On the contrary, it will be difficult to withdraw money w
Can I be a VIP if I deposit $ 1000?

Bang Bang Casino

And there is also a rebate bonus.
Of course, there are no wagering requirements for rebate bonuses.

For more information on the rebate bonus
・ Earn 1 point for every $ 10 played in slots and $ 100 in live games and table games.
・ $ 1 for 100 points
■ Details

points will be automatically awarded to your account for every $ 10 play.
1 point for every $ 10 play in slot play and 1 point for every $ 100 play in live and table games.
You will need at least 100 points to redeem your cash, and 100 points can be redeemed for $ 1. You can earn up to 5000 points per day.
Please note that once redeemed points cannot be canceled.
Cash money can be withdrawn as it is without betting conditions.
This promotion applies to everyone who has registered with Bang Bang Casino and played for real money.

$ 10 for 1 point and 100 points for $ 1 in the

Hmmm, it’s just a bonus.
Other sites are more profitable for rebate purposes.
We also have a point double campaign, but it is still quite difficult to save.

Introduced provider

There are 2000 kinds of introductory games, and there are abundant providers.
Bang Bang Casino Propaider
Bang Bang Casino Propaider
Bang Bang Casino Propaider

The provider selection screen is displayed in a row, so it is easy to see.
There are some providers that I haven’t seen before, so maybe I’ve focused on the providers that handle cute games.
Also, when I saw RTP at Moon Princess, it was the best setting.
You can play with confidence.
Bang Bang Casino

Is Bang Bang Casino a reliable casino?

Bang Bang Casino is owned and operated by Mandarin Gaming N.V. under the Curacao Act.
Mandarin Gaming N.V. is licensed and controlled by the Curacao Government (License No. 8084 /Jaz).
All payment transactions are made at Livepoint Trading Ltd. This European company represents the European Union and the European Economic Area to the licensed Mandarin Gaming N.V.


The license is solid.

Although it is an online casino that pushes cuteness to the fore, it has been devised considerably such as campaigns for each day of the week and ease of searching for providers.

I haven’t inquired about support yet, so no comment.
Chat support is available from 17:00 to 24:00.

Deposit /withdrawal method

There are many deposit and withdrawal methods, including credit cards, web banks, and virtual currencies.
 web bank
Virtual Currency

* A separate remittance fee will be charged for virtual currency.

Payment method details

Deposit method lowest /highest Fee Processing time
JCB Minimum $ 10 /Maximum $ 1,000 free Immediate
master card Minimum $ 10 /Maximum $ 700 free Immediate
Venus Point Minimum $ 10 /Maximum $ 5,000 free Immediate
ecopayz Minimum $ 10 /Maximum $ 10,000 free Immediate
StickPay Minimum $ 10 /Maximum $ 5,000 free Immediate
MuchBetter Minimum $ 10 /Maximum $ 5,000 free Immediate
Jeton Minimum $ 10 /Maximum $ 5,000 free Immediate
Bitcoin Minimum $ 10 /Maximum $ 10,000 free Immediate

■ Details of withdrawal method

Withdrawal method lowest /highest Fee Processing time
Venus Point Minimum $ 20 /Maximum $ 5,000 free Immediate
ecopayz Minimum $ 20 /Maximum $ 10,000 free Immediate
StickPay Minimum $ 20 /Maximum $ 5,000 free Immediate
MuchBetter Minimum $ 20 /Maximum $ 5,000 free Immediate
Jeton Minimum $ 20 /Maximum $ 5,000 free Immediate
Bitcoin Minimum $ 20 /Maximum $ 10,000 free Immediate

I’m grateful that deposits and withdrawals are free of charge.
Also, if you look at the deposit /withdrawal page, there is a section on processing time and all of them are immediate, so you may be confident in the deposit /withdrawal speed.

Personal impression

I’m glad that there are a lot of campaigns and bonuses always come with me.
Moreover, because it is a separate type, it is a fairly easy-to-play casino.
As a user, I am grateful that the advantageous conditions that are easy to understand when it comes to VIP are clearly stated.
There are a lot of cute slot models, so you won’t get bored.

Bnag Bang Casino