Will the Pragmatic Play drop cache win? [$ 5]


Is the drop cache of Pragmatic Play hit?

Pragmatic Play, which is also popular among online casino slot providers.
Known as Pragmatic Play.

This provider has various popular models such as dog house, sweet bonanza, fruit party, etc.
And if you’ve hit it, you’ll think.

Don’t always have a drop cache event

Occasionally, the prize money has doubled, and online casinos are also taking part in the project.
But is it a drop cache?

I asked on Twitter

I wonder if anyone has hit the pragma drop cache
Is that really a lottery?
It seems that the prize money has doubled now, so I’m doing it properly, but lol

Yes, does everyone really think it’s true?
How often would it hit?
I’m curious.

Meanwhile, there was only one person who answered.

I think I’ve played hundreds of thousands of games just for Pragmatic Play, but I’ve only hit $ 20 and $ 5 twice.
If you aim, you will get terrible.

I will hide my name.

However, it seems that it will be a hit.
However, it seems that there is no need to aim for it just because you are running a prize doubling campaign.
I liked the Pragmatic Play model, and if I happened to hit it, I got it. I’m lucky.

I’ve only played tens of thousands of games in Pragmatic Play, but I haven’t hit it yet.

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