Choose a reliable online casino [1st company]


Choose a reliable online casino

I would like to write how to choose a reliable online casino.

Choose a reliable online casino License Edition

When playing at an online casino, make sure you have a license on the site.
Choose a trusted online casino
The minimum requirement is to have a license.
If possible, see the countries where it is operated.
If the country in operation is a gambling-prohibited country, you could be arrested in the worst case.

Let’s see the reviews

Now that we are in an information-oriented society, if it is a casino that can be played in Japan, you can see the impressions of people who used the online casino on Twitter.
If you still can’t find reviews, there is a bulletin board dedicated to online casinos called Casino Guru.

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If you open the complaints on the tab above and look at the casino you want to look up, you can see various complaints.
To be honest, I can’t recommend casinos with many complaints, so it’s best to avoid them.

By the way, Leo Vegas introduced in the previous section has only one complaint even if you look at this site.
You can see that one of the casinos in the world is quite excellent.

How online casinos work

Choose a reliable online casino
Actually, online casino slots are not made by the operating company, but there are companies that specialize in producing and operating them.
Online casinos contract with them to offer slots and live casinos to their users.

Online casinos are a place to offer, and in reality, games and live casinos are placed there.
Therefore, even if there is a big hit, the online casino may temporarily bear the money, but later the provider who provided the game will get a dividend.
So, although it seems to be an old casino, you may think that it is okay if you hit the jackpot, but the withdrawal days may increase, but it is usually impossible not to pay.

If the withdrawal is refused and the user is not negligent, the online casino completely does not want to pay dividends, so please consult with Casino Guru etc.
Honestly, as an online casino, even if 100 million was hit, there was no damage at all, but rather 100 million came out from our casino! It will be an advertisement.