Vulkan Vegas [separate type $ 300 (100%)]

バルカンベガス (Vulkan Vegas)【分離型3万円(100%)】review

The Vulkan Vegas deposit bonus is $ 300 (100%) in separate form.
You can get up to 200% of the second bonus. There are also models, campaigns and tournaments.

Vulkan Vegas Excellent Casino Discovery

Vulkan Vegas

・ Separate type
・ 30,000 yen (100%) + 25 Frispi deposit bonus
・ The second bonus is 40,000 yen (125% ~ 200%) + 50 Frispi deposit bonus
・ The first withdrawal may be late

The first withdrawal is late, but from the second time it will be explosive.
* The examination time may vary depending on the amount.

Vulkan Vegas deposit bonus is $ 300 (100%) in separate form.
The first bonus is usually the most delicious, but Vulkan Vegas costs $ 400 (125% -200%) for the second deposit.
Vulkan Vegas

Caution for first deposit bonus

You will be able to log in with just your email address.

After that, you need to enter detailed information, but I will omit it because it was easy to understand.

Please note that the first deposit bonus will be included in the present box at the top right of the screen after registration.
This welcome bonus is only valid for 4 days.
Vulkan Vegas
Also, please activate the deposit bonus when you use it.

It will be valid only for 7 days after activation, so if you click it properly, the deposit bonus will disappear.
Vulkan Vegas
Also, it seems that if you can not digest the bonus within 5 days after depositing, it will disappear.

Please be assured that only the bonus money will be lost and the real money part will not be lost.

In short, let’s register after depositing and getting ready to play a lot.
This first deposit bonus is a separate type and the betting conditions are a little strict, but it is a perfect bonus for insurance, so it may be a waste if you waste it.

Bonus type separated
First deposit bonus $ 300 (100%) +25 Frispi
Bet conditions 35 times

The second deposit is as follows.
Vulkan Vegas

Also, unfortunately I can’t win with real money, so I think I’m aiming to monetize the bonus, but there are a lot of prohibited games.
I also mentioned a banned game, but it was withdrawn.
Rather than a prohibited game, there are models that do not contribute to the betting conditions even if they are turned.

The most efficient thing is not to touch the prohibited games, so it is better to select the game while checking not to touch the prohibited games.
After that, please note that the maximum bet amount is 500 yen.

cash bonus comes with a 40x bet requirement. The maximum amount you can bet with the bonus is 5 EUR /USD /CAD /NZD, 350 RUB, 500 JPY, 20 PLN /RON, 2000 KZT /HUF, 25 BRL /DKK, 50 NOK.

If you can hit it in real money, there are no prohibited games and it is the best, but it is quite difficult.
After I got into the bonus, I was lucky enough to get a high dividend at Napoleon and I was able to cash it as it was.

What kind of provider?

There are plenty of game providers available, so you won’t get bored.
Vulkan Vegas
The provider selection screen can also be searched by initials so that it is easy to find, and the game selection is also very easy to understand the UI.
Vulkan Vegas
Vulkan Vegas

I noticed until I played it carefully, but there are a huge number of models.
When playing a new provider at an online casino, it’s hard to touch without a chance, but Vulkan Vegas always has some tournaments and there are plenty of opportunities to touch the new provider.
Vulkan Vegas

The tournament above is a provider called BET SOFT.
I didn’t know that there are many hidden machines.
Here are 16 models for this tournament that I found interesting due to my own judgment and prejudice.
Chilli Pop
Vulkan Vegas

The trout tops and vegetables are already rolling my acupoints, but it’s quite interesting even if it’s not this character designer.
When asked what similar models are, they are usually a bit like play’n go’s TOME OF MADNESS.
Normally, vegetables fall in 3×5 squares, but it seems that they will not disappear unless they are connected from the right, but they will disappear if three are connected on the top or side.
And even in normal times, when the wild falls, it disappears.

This may just be the Vulkan Vegas setting or I don’t know how to set it, but the MAX BET is 50 yen, but it usually exceeds 1000 at normal times.
It’s easy to think that the wild doesn’t come out so much, but this is going down quite well.
Even if the screen expands when a donkey falls there and enters a free spin, it’s amazing (vocabulary)
There was a video on youtube that just explained, so if you have time, please take a look.

By the way, there is another model of chili pop, leaving it to the video.
Jungle Stripes
Vulkan Vegas

The muscular cheetah is so powerful that I can explain this.
Starburst with free spins.

Some people may have never hit Starburst, so to explain a little more, if the cheetah pattern is in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th frame and stops, it will expand and re-spin.
If the cheetah symbol stops on another reel during re-spin, it will re-spin again.
This is Manma Starburst.

It’s fine to pay three dividends not only from the right but also from the left.
Like Starburst, you can enjoy big dividends even during normal times.
There are also free spins symbols in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th frames, and if you stop 3 times, you will get 10 free spins.
However, the free spin was weak as I hit it.

This is a fairly free-spirited bet amount and you can play with a small number of bets, but if you want to increase the number of bets a little more, it is a mysterious bet setting of 500 yen after 150 yen.
However, it’s good to have a medal, so even if it’s 500 yen, you may be able to play for about 30,000 yen.

This is the introduction of BET SOFT’s personally recommended models that have not been introduced so much.

Deposit method

Credit cards, Venus Point, ecopayz, etc. are available.
Vulkan Vegas

Deposit /Withdrawal Fee Minimum /Maximum Deposit Minimum /Maximum Withdrawal
Free $ 10 /? $ 10 /?
license Support Identity Verification
Curacao 14:00-25:00 Required
Slots Live Casino sports
30 companies 3 companies None

Advantages and disadvantages of Vulkan Vegas

First of all, the first deposit bonus and the second deposit bonus are 100% and 100% or more.
I think it’s rare to find a separate type that gives you a deposit bonus of 100% or more, so I’m grateful.

There is time left for the first bonus and the second bonus, so I’d like you to have no time left anyway.
However, even if you miss the second bonus, there will be quite a few offers that exceed 100%, so it may not be too regrettable if you miss it.

Maybe I’m the only one, but it took me a long time to make the first withdrawal, so I regret not being able to use the second deposit bonus.
For the time being, it is better to submit the certification documents immediately after registering.
By the way, one withdrawal was made and the second withdrawal was about 30 minutes, so the difference is great in a good way.

The next best thing is that there are many campaigns.
Moreover, there are times when a separate type bonus of over 100% is given.
I need to enter the bonus code, but the bonus code is written by email or on the official Twitter account.
Vulkan Vegas

You don’t have to follow the official Twitter account, you can find the Twitter link in the casino email system pasted in the image above.

Thank you for the abundant campaigns.
The rest is written in the introduction of the provider, but tournaments are always held and the prize money is high.
I’m lucky to be in the top of the tournament, but I’m naturally exposed to models that I don’t usually hit, so I might find a new favorite model.

Is Vulkan Vegas reliable? is operated by Brivio Limited, a registered company in the Republic of Cyprus.
Vulkan Vegas

The site also has a phone number and I think you can trust it.

I’m talking about how it really is,
I had to wait a long time for the first withdrawal, so I was a little sick, but the site itself is very easy to use, there are many models, there are many events, and there are many campaigns.

Personal impression

I have already written most of my personal impressions on the advantages and disadvantages, but once withdrawn, I think this casino is a good casino.
As long as the speed of the first withdrawal is fast, users will not be anxious, the site is easy to use, there are many campaigns, there are many tournaments, and it is good to have many models.

Even though it is such a good site, I think it is very wasteful, so I would like you to improve the first withdrawal.