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I’m steadily accumulating Ethereum

I am writing the settings when the graphic board is NVIDIA in windows.

Oita ago, but I’m steadily mining Ethereum. I have written.
Certainly, the price of Ethereum was not as high as it was at that time, so I was lucky to have been digging from that time.
Currently, Ethereum is wandering around $ 3000, but considering the number of issues, I think it’s better to go for $ 4000.

If my expectations are correct, there is almost no merit to dig now, but even if I change the minor and then dig, there is no problem if I do light work, so I am moving it for the time being.
This is an article for beginners who want to try mining Etherim.

Gaming PCs are popular, so people with machines that are packed with good graphics can dig a few monthly subscription services just by running them while they are not playing games.
On the contrary, it seems that the m1 Mac cannot be dug at all, so I’m sorry to have expected it.

Let’s make a wallet

If you are registered on the exchange, you can create a receiving address there.
I’m also registered on the exchange, but I like to see flickering price movements, so I made a wallet with a chrome add-on called MEW CX.

How to make a new wallet with MEW CX is very easy.
Add MEW CX add-on and click my wallet.
Then, MEW CX will appear in a new tab, so click the + add button.
Click Generate a New Wallet to create a new one.

Then the screen for creating a new wallet will be displayed.
Enter your wallet name and password.
* It is recommended that you always save the password as a paper memo or text.

I have a new wallet!
The wallet information file will be downloaded together, so save this as well.

In the past, it was necessary to create encrypted files, but now you can create it with just one password.

On the contrary, if you forget the password, there is no way to open it.
I didn’t write a note because I thought I would never forget it, but I couldn’t open one.

I kept spinning hash cats for several months to open it on my own, but of course it didn’t open, so I asked Ethereum’s unlocking service to open it.
Of course, it wasn’t free and I paid about 20% Ethereum.

It was a painful measure because it was very stressful just to see that the value of Etherim increased by about 300% during the period when it was not opened.
I don’t know how the unlocking service was opened, but the only way for an amateur to unlock it is hash cat (brute force) and expandpass (a combination of phrases that are likely to be set), and I’m really desperate if I don’t open it with this. To do.

When you make a wallet, first make sure you open it and write down your password.

In the case of MEW CX, if you forget your password, you will be sorry, but in the case of an exchange, you can restore the password of the exchange, so the exchange may be safer.
I will leave that to individual judgment.

Now he will dig Ethereum!

It seems that the settings will change depending on the tool and mining pool, but this time

Tool is t-rex
Pool is bitfly

I will do it at.
There may be a better pool for the pool, but I personally recommend the tool as it’s calm enough not to affect your work as t-rex wrote earlier.

Of course, even with t-rex, if you add an option, you can set the performance of the graphic board close to the maximum value.
However, if you make it too tight, it will be too heavy for you to do other work on the PC or the grabber will break down, so it is for those who want to dig for the time being.

On the contrary, if you like this option, please let me know! Let’s DL t-rex for mining for the time being.
DL t-rex
There are various things in it when you DL, but don’t worry because it will create a new file.
Also, depending on the security software, it may get caught, so please deal with it individually.

Unzip the DLed t-rex and create a new text file inside.
You can leave it as”new text document.txt”as you will rename it later.

Write the following in the text document.

t-rex.exe -a ethash -o stratum + tcp:// -u Enter your wallet address starting with 0x

Only this.

Finally, name the file”favorite character .bat”.
Double-click on it to bring up a command prompt and start digging.

If the display looks like the one below, it’s OK.

In my case, it’s a fairly old graphic board GTX1070, so I can only dig about 120 yen a day.
The amount you can dig depends on the graphic board, so if you want to dig a lot, you can change it with the latest graphic board.

How much you can dig a day is an estimate on the bitfly site, but you can check it.
Enter your Ethereum address in”miner address”at the top right of the site.

Then you can check the amount that can be dug in a day.
By the way, let’s set how much you need to dig with payouts before sending it to your wallet.

It can be set from the payment method in settings.
If you look at it now, the setting screen has changed, I have set it so that I can get as much as I dug on the 28th of every month.

L2 Polygon may be fine, but I’m choosing Ethereum Mainnet for the time being because it’s a new payout method.

Let’s dig other coins

The above is a simple way to dig Ethereum.
If you set the minor once, all coins have similar settings, so I think you can set it.

Since the price of Ethereum has already risen a lot, I think that it has little taste, so I think it is good to dig other coins and wait for the rise.
I used to dig a virtual currency called MONA coin.
It’s difficult now because I don’t know what will go up.

It would be nice if I could write air drop etc., but I myself have some settings that I don’t understand in recent air drop, so I’ll write it if I understand.
Is Ethereum already in a stable position as new coins come out and the value goes up and down? I wonder if it is, so it is recommended for those who want stable mining.
It’s been quite long to write, but I think it will take 30 minutes to start digging from the DL, so please try it if you like.