Casino gods [separate $ 300 (100%)]


Introducing casino gods. The bonus is a separate type that is easy to withdraw. From the second time, it will not be reflected unless you enter the code.


Casino gods Online casino with divine function


・ Bonus separation type
・ First deposit $300 (100%) + FS

★ If you register from this site, No deposit bonus $ 30 granted ★
Casino gods Simple note:
Separate type for easy withdrawal
Complete with rebate bonus
Various other god functions

Screen after registration.
Casino gods
The registration screen is a UI that seems to be easy to use once the mysterious god character appears all over.
Casino gods is packed with great cashback features and will be introduced one by one.
An online casino with God features. Easy to withdraw separate type.

God (come) back function

Casino gods will return 10% of your weekly losses.
Since it is a weekly unit, even if you win on a monthly basis, if you lose in that week, you can receive a god bag.

What’s more, unlike ordinary cash back, this god back has a very easy-to-use function.

Bonuses received with the God Back function will have 1x betting conditions.
Maximum cash back up to $ 3000
Need to turn on promotion
Need to turn on email notifications
Expiration date 72 hours
Withdrawal does not disappear

Since it does not disappear even if you withdraw money, you can digest the conditions of God Back after withdrawal and convert it to real money.
This is a very rare feature, so if you use it well, you may be able to get a good deal on God back!

Also, it seems that there is a VIP function, and the hurdle is not so high, so it may be VIP before you know it.
The withdrawal speed will be reflected in about half a day, so it may be faster.

Casino gods Features of First Deposit Bonus

bonus type separated < /a>
First Deposit Bonus $ 300 (100%) + Frispi 200 times
Bet conditions 30-fold

In addition to the 4 th there is a deposit bonus.
After the second time you need to enter the bonus code.

payment number of times Bonus content bonus code
Second deposit 50% bonus (up to $ 300) JPGODS2
3 time deposit 25% bonus (up to $ 300) JPGODS3
4 th deposit 25% bonus (up to $ 300) JPGODS4

Until the second challenge, I feel that insurance is from the third.
Because some offers by e-mail there is also the case who there is delicious.

As for the bonus rules, be aware that slots are up to $ 5 and table games are up to $ 30.
To digest at once increase When the slot over $ 30 at a time in the table game What royal road.

Or it is a place difficult or not to the game for $ 5 bet in the slot chasing a dream.
I have the usual Robetto $ 5 bet you feel pretty high roller.

You mean that you can’t buy a bonus.
If you choose a model with a light bonus, you can meet the betting conditions! ??
The golden hero type platform comes to mind for models with light bonuses, but it seems to be a considerable bet.

■ Information about other bonuses

The first deposit of 200 free spins will be automatically granted if you deposit $ 15 or more, but 20 spins will be granted on the first day and the remaining free spins will be granted by logging in 20 spins a day for 9 days.
Please note that you will not receive it unless you log in!

Free spins are valid for 72 hours after being earned
The maximum withdrawal amount for free spins is $ 100

Bonus expiration date is 14 days after acquisition Bonus play conditions
Betting conditions are 40 times the bonus amount

Maximum bet amount with bonus money is $ 5 for slots and video slots
Other table games:$ 30

■ Game-based betting condition digestion rate

Video Slots (with exceptions) 100%
Exceptional video slots (Simsalabim, Big Bad Wolf, Supernova, Hot Ink, Arabian Rose) 20%
Exceptional video slot (Fruit Blast) 50%
All games in the classic slot category 75%
All video software table games * Excluding live games 10%
All video software Blackjack * Excluding live games 5%

Details of Casino gods registration bonus

The deposit bonus is 30 times the betting condition, but the registration bonus is 40 times.
God, please lower the betting conditions a little more.

Also, be aware that the maximum bet amount is $ 5 for slots and $ 30 for tables, just like the deposit bonus.
Please note that the betting conditions are 40 times as much as the registration bonus.
This is also subject to bet restrictions.

With this amount of money, the royal road seems to be easy to digest the betting conditions with slots by increasing with baccarat or roulette for $ 20 all-in.
As with any registration bonus, it’s free anyway, so it’s best to go all-in with a table game, increase it, and then use it as a slot or whatever you like.
It’s sad that it disappears in an instant, but most of the registration bonus will disappear if you bet on the slot as it is, so it seems to be the royal road to increase it in the table game first and then play in the slot.

In addition, a deposit history is required when withdrawing.
This is unavoidable as it is the case with most casinos.

Even if you can clear the betting conditions with the registration bonus, you will not be able to link your account without a deposit history, so you will have to deposit once and then withdraw.
Perhaps if you deposit 1000 yen, you will have 1x the betting conditions for that 1000 yen, so it may be safe to digest it around Baccarat.

Surprise gift function

It seems that when playing with Casino gods, there are surprise gifts twice a month.
Enjoy the content after it arrives.

I want it once a week instead of twice a month.
I’m looking forward to the content after it arrives, but when it comes to surprise gifts at online casinos, it’s almost understandable.

Weekly 25% Deposit Bonus + Free Spins

There are still more, if you make a deposit within the last 7 days, you will get a 25% deposit bonus and free spins every week.

There seems to be a hidden god function, but it was like looking around the site.

Propider installed in Casino gods

There are plenty of providers to enjoy. I’m sorry that Hajikko is hiding. It is a provider called EZUGI.
Casino gods
Casino gods
There are ply’n GO and quick spins, and there is also RERAX that I’m addicted to recently. There are many high volatility platforms called RERAX, but money train 2 is still fun.
Marching Legions is recommended in RERAX.

The soldiers are in line.
For some reason, this model often wins when BUY, maybe I’m just lucky.

Is Casino gods a reliable casino?

This web site, Genesis Global Limited (registered address:. 28, GB Buildings, Level 3, Watar Street, Ta ‘Xbiex, XBX 1301, Malta) are operated by, regulation of the Malta Gaming Authority by the Malta government and it has been issued and the approval of the following license.
Registration number:MGA /B2C /314/2015 (issued and approved on August 5, 2016)

Casino gods

License has firmly.
In addition, the operating company is Japan but is Casino gods, because in a multi-language operates a quite a number of online casinos, the know-how has been utilized.

As actually played impressions, we have a major Puropaida, but I felt that the number of slightly Puropaida is small.
Recently, it is natural to exceed 1000, and if it exceeds that, there are many places where 3000,4000 models are placed, so it is a little inferior.

With respect to the support, is no comment because it does not inquire.
Chat support is available from 17:00 to 24:00.
Here have also performed support in other e-mail is available 24 hours a day.

With respect to the withdrawal, but is common, since recently has increased withdrawal is fast casino, is slightly late and would compared to there.

It is it is a design of the site should I put plunged also.
We view of the world is resulting in a fairly unique sense.
Although it is said to be a god function, it is actually an online casino that is easy to play because it has abundant reload bonuses and deposit bonuses.

Casino gods method of payment

VISA is It is not, perhaps and be its influence in something or like has changed the provisions of the VISA card before a little.
Casino gods

Payment details

Payment method Minimum deposit Maximum deposit
Various credit cards
(VISA, Mastercard, JCB, AMEX, Diners)
$ 15 $ 5,000
VenusPoint $ 15 $ 5,000
ecoPayz $ 15 $ 5,000
Jeton $ 15 $ 5,000
MuchBetter $ 15 $ 5,000
AstroPay $ 15 $ 5,000

■ Withdrawal details

Payment method Minimum withdrawal amount Maximum withdrawal amount
VenusPoint $ 15 $ 2,300
ecoPayz $ 15 $ 2,300
Jeton $ 15 $ 2,300
MuchBetter $ 15 $ 2,300
AstroPay $ 15 $ 2,300

Advantages of Casino gods

The more you play, the more you will benefit from the divine function.
Let’s play with God.

Personal impression

It is a good online game with many user surprise functions.
However, since it is a separate type, let’s hit it with real money and apologize to God and withdraw quickly.