I started mining Ethereum [about $ 1 a day? ]


Ethereum seems to be hot right now

The reason for mining was different, but apart from that, mining of Ethereum seems to be hot (profitable) in the mining world now. is.
This is the reason why I suddenly wondered why I should mine, but in reality, the current PC Gravo is packed with GTX1070 and other delicate things.
I don’t play games on my PC, and the only thing I can do is watch online and stream.

In that case, it is a soul to earn on-game funds by mining.

How much can you earn a day?

Also, if you pay for electricity or mine, the grabbo may be damaged, so you need to be careful.
In my case, it is lower because I think that mining software will be turned off when watching on-game or something distribution.
Even so, I thought it would be a waste to let the graphics card play.
I might stop it suddenly, and I can’t say anything because I started thinking about it.

Get your Ethereum wallet

Actually, it’s easier to use Zaif or BitFlyer, but I can’t do it until I receive the documents, so I want to do it right away, so I’ll use the official wallet.
This is a little long, so please check the following site for details.


How do you do mining?

This time, I stopped the difficult thing and did it with the information that comes out immediately after searching.
Mining is done in a place called a pool.
A pool is a site where everyone can excavate and share together.
You will be paid for your work in the pool.

About software

If you look it up, you’ll see a lot of things, but this time we’re mining Ethereum, so Claymore’s I’m using a software called Dual Ethereum.
When decompressed, I think it depends on the ver, but there are two files.
Anything is fine there, so I will create a file called xxxx.bat.

Is this pool bitfly? Mr. is.

The items set for the pool are as follows.
Enter the following in the xxxx.bat.

ethminer.exe -U -P stratum1 + ssl://wallet address.worker name@us1.ethermine.org:5555 -v 9

Please enter your own wallet address.
It seems that the worker name can be anything, but it seems better to use the alphabet.
When you start the set xxxx.bat, excavation (mining) will start.
This is the page URL of bitfly.
https://www.ethermine.org/miners/Without 0 for your Ethereum address
You can see how it feels when you enter.

What you have to set afterwards is the setting to pull out when you have accumulated.
There is a tab called settings in the tab of the previous page, so let’s click it.

Enter the e-mail address from the top, how much the center should be withdrawn, and the global IP at the bottom.
If I set the center to 1, I can only earn about 100 yen a day on my PC, so it takes about a year to withdraw, so I set the minimum withdrawal amount to 0.05.
By the way, it seems that a fee will be charged when withdrawing.

PC is noisy

I started with a light feeling, but I’m wondering if I should stop because the PC is already noisy.
Just looking at the dashboard is fun.
It was a story that it was not difficult to mine because it was possible to examine it lightly.