Royal Panda [Deposit Bonus $ 300 (100%)]


Since Royal Panda is affiliated with Leo Vegas, it is an online casino where the operating company is listed and you can play with confidence.

Royal Panda A panda with peace of mind because it is a Leo Vegas series.

Royal Panda

・ First deposit 30,000 yen (100%) + 10 free spins of Book of Dead
・ Online casino with pandas as the leading role
Royal Panda bonuses are a bit different and you can only use real money to digest your betting terms

Royal Panda is a Leovegas affiliate, so the operating company is listed and you can play with confidence. It is an online casino.
In addition, since the deposit bonus and cash back are also the type that digests the betting conditions first, you can rest assured that the balance will not be locked.
Royal Panda

Mechanism of deposit bonus

As with Leovegas, Royal Panda will always receive real money for the first deposit bonus. It is a mechanism.
The betting conditions themselves are a bit strict, 35 times, but you can definitely receive them.
What this means is as follows.

First time:$300 deposit= betting conditions= 1.05 million
I was able to meet the betting conditions for 500,000 yen for 30,000 yen.

With the usual bonus system, you have to meet the betting conditions with the amount you deposit, but Royal Panda is different.

I made another $300 deposits.
This time, I was able to meet the betting conditions for $5,500.
⇒ Granted with $300 real money

Even if you make an additional deposit as above, the betting conditions will not be destroyed, and if you can meet the betting conditions with the additional amount, you can get a bonus.
Of course, even if you draw a big hit and withdraw in the middle while you are digesting the betting conditions, the bonus will not disappear.
All you have to do is make an additional deposit when you can afford it and aim to achieve the betting conditions.

Also, every time you deposit, you will get a 5% cash bonus, so it may be a small amount, but it is a system that is appreciated by those who want to play little by little.
Royal Panda

Introduction of Royal Panda Propida

I’m sorry, I didn’t know how to list the providers here.
Leovegas is also introduced Since there are a lot of providers, it seems that Royal Panda is also a rich lineup. ..
If you don’t have the platform you want to hit, it will be difficult, so when making a deposit, please go to the site once to check it before making a deposit.

Royal Panda deposit method

There are various deposit methods such as visa, Mastercard, ecopayz, etc.
Please note that there are no Venus points.
Royal Panda

Personal impression

It’s ok, but the panda is cute.
Also, since the operating company is listed, it is a point where you can rest assured alongside Leovegas.
I feel that the type of provider is slightly different from Leo Vegas, so please search for a model before playing.