Leo Vegas [Deposit Bonus $ 240]


Leo Vegas Free Spins will give you free spins with no betting conditions after you have exhausted your betting conditions.


Leo Vegas King of Mobile


・ 10 free spins by registration ... but no betting conditions!
・ First deposit bonus $240 (100%) The betting condition is 30 times, but the bonus does not disappear even if the balance runs out.
If you meet the betting conditions, the bonus will be your balance.
・ Mobile friendly and comfortable play on your smartphone

The UI is optimized for smartphones and is commonly known as King of Mobile in Onkaji.
There are dedicated apps, but there are also campaigns that you can only participate in from your browser.

So far, as far as I can see the emails I received, I’ve only seen things that are limited to browsers, but there is a possibility that the app version is also doing it.
Leo VegasTOP

The way to get the first deposit bonus of Leo Vegas is unique

It may be better to win the first deposit bonus than to get it.
There is a 30x betting condition depending on the deposit amount, so if you achieve it, you will be paid real money.
For example, in the case of $ 10, there is a betting condition of $ 10 x 30= $ 300.

If you can achieve this safely, you will get $ 10, but the special thing is that you can carry it over even if you can not clear the betting conditions for $ 300 with a deposit of $ 10.
Carry-over allows you to make further deposits while inheriting the betting conditions.
Therefore, you will definitely get it, so it may be close to cash back.

Bonus you get when you make your first deposit

Deposit amount Cash you can get after clearing the betting conditions
$15 or more and less than $40 $15
$40 or more and less than $80 $ 50
$ 80 or more $ 80

Bonus you get when you make your second deposit

Deposit amount Cash you can get after clearing the betting conditions
$ 15 or more and less than $ 40 $ 15
$ 40 or more and less than $ 80 $ 40
$ 80 or more and less than $ 120 $ 80
$ 120 or more and less than $ 160 $ 120
$ 160 or more $ 160

Third deposit benefit

Deposit amount Cash you can get after clearing the betting conditions
$ 15 or more and less than $ 40 $ 15
$ 40 or more and less than $ 80 $ 40
$ 80 or more and less than $ 120 $ 80
$ 120 or more and less than $ 160 $ 120
$ 160 or more $ 160
$ 320 or more

Bonus you get when you make your second deposit

Deposit amount Cash you can get after clearing the betting conditions
$ 15 or more and less than $ 40 $ 15
$ 40 or more and less than $ 80 $ 40
$ 80 or more and less than $ 120 $ 80
$ 120 or more and less than $ 160 $ 120
$ 160 or more $ 160

The betting conditions are 30 times, so if you think it’s a little tight, you can either put in $ 15 and clear the betting conditions quickly, or you can set higher conditions for the time being and you can refill as much as you want, so gradually meet the conditions. Is also a hand.

Since there are no betting conditions on the bonuses you have earned, you can withdraw immediately.

The bonus is a type that clears the betting conditions first, whether it is free spins or cash.

Real money and bonus money will not be mixed because there are no betting conditions for Frispi.

Win from Leo Vegas? Campaign may be sent.

Leo Vegas Win?

You may receive a winning campaign by email.
When you register for Onkaji, various campaigns will be sent by e-mail, but it is better to turn on the e-mail.

It’s quite rare for a campaign with 1x betting conditions to come, but if it’s 10x, we’re targeting Munpri every day at noon.
However, since Munpuri events are regular, sudden events that come by email are often hotter.

At this time, I invested about $ 70 and won about $ 190, so I won $ 140.
If you register, you may get a great deal, so you should check your email.

Unfortunately,”Blood Suckers”can only earn 70% digestion rate compared to other models, but there are other high RTP platforms, so I think you should try it.
Personally, I like the spinions of quick sopin, but I happen to be lucky or I’m digesting the betting conditions, but it’s increasing.

Of course, it is useless if the funds swell to achieve the conditions, but it is amazing to get Frispi without betting conditions.
A common pattern is to deposit and get free spins, and the free spins payout is added to the bonus and even the betting conditions are applied, but that is not the case at all.
It may take a lot of money to invest before you clear the betting conditions, but the reward is Frispi with no betting conditions, so be patient.

They also give you free spins for free with no betting conditions.
Generally, if you make some deposit in the email and meet the betting conditions, you will receive a free spin as a gift and the devil’s whisper, but if the betting conditions are 20 times or more, you may ignore it.

I try to participate if the free spins that I get with 1 to 10 times the betting conditions seem interesting.
If you only spin events with 1x betting conditions and free spins that you can get for free, you probably won’t lose.

On the other hand, if the betting condition is 1x, you can only turn about 50 turns if you turn it for 100 yen, so it is difficult to choose a table that is easy to pull friss.
Personally, I recommend quick spin, which is light enough to collect free spin tokens, but I like it.

There are still more reasons to recommend it

Leo Vegas is a reliable online casino operated by a listed company on the Stockholm market.
Since the recommended points are displayed in yen, there is no exchange fee when depositing from ecopayz.

It may not be because it is a listed company, but there are almost no withdrawal problems.
The withdrawal itself is slow, a few days, but when I made a large withdrawal, I told him in a chat that”I’m sorry if I cancel the withdrawal and use it,”and he withdrew in tens of minutes, so when I hurry You may want to ask by chat.

Another interesting feature is the multiplayer feature.
I haven’t used one model because I want to play it carefully, but if I use the multiplayer function, it will automatically rotate multiple models until I get a bonus.
It is a luxurious way to enjoy only the bonus.
It is good to use it on models that do not have the buy function.

Is Leo Vegas a reliable casino?

Leo Vegas Gaming plc is a company registered in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Malta.
Registration number:C59314, Registration address:LeoVegas Gaming plc, Level 7, The Plaza Business Center, Bisazza Street, SLM1640, Sliema, Malta. LeoVegas Gaming plc is licensed and compliant with MGA /CRP /237/2013 issued August 1, 2018 by the Malta Gaming Authority by the Government of the Republic of Malta.
Malta Office Contact +356 2778 1166

Leo Vegas

As for the impression that I actually played, I personally think that it is an excellent online casino that is easy to play as it can be ranked 1st and 2nd among online casinos.
■ Good quality of support
I think that the quality of support is good at all online casinos that can be played in Japan, but the support of Leo Vegas is more attentive than other support because it conveys the point to other departments.
Withdrawals are usually a little late for Leo Vegas, but if you ask by chat, it will be processed in tens of minutes.
I think this is proof that the support department and the finance department are working together.

■ Since the betting conditions are exhausted first, there is no chance that you will not be able to withdraw money.
In the first place, I have been able to withdraw everything in the end I have played so far, but in the case of Leo Vegas, there is no trouble with withdrawal because the betting conditions are exhausted first.
Withdrawals may be rejected if you do it many times, but when you ask for support in a hurry, they really hurry and I have withdrawn in tens of minutes.

However, of course, there are some dissatisfaction points.
■ Venus Point can no longer be used
This is rather important.
Those who play online casinos will probably have an account on either ecopayz or Venus Point, but Venus Point is by far the best when comparing the two services.
It’s a shame that Venus Point can no longer be used.

However, I think it’s a good casino even if Venus Point can no longer be used.

Introduction provider

I’m sorry, I couldn’t search by provider.
For the time being, 5 major ones have come out by provider, but it seems that there are almost all the ones that have been introduced to other Online casino.

Recently, Jammin’Jars 2 has been introduced at the fastest speed, and it is a little faster than other on-games.
Leo Vegas
In addition, there are some dedicated stands.

Deposit /withdrawal method

Most of them can be used except for cryptocurrencies and Venus points.
I personally feel that the number of onkaji that visa is played has increased, but I have never played it here.

Payment method selection screen
Payment method details

Deposit method Minimum Deposit /Maximum Deposit Fees
VISA $ 15 /$ 2,900 free
MaterCard $ 15 /$ 2,900 free
JCB $ 15 /$ 2,900 free
MuchBetter $ 15 /$ 2,900 free
ecoPayz $ 15 /$ 2,900 free
AstroPay $ 15 /$ 5,500 free

■ Details of withdrawal method

Withdrawal method Minimum withdrawal amount / Maximum withdrawal amount td>

ecoPayz $ 30 / $ 23,000 free
AstroPay $ 12 / $ 5,500 free
MuchBetter $ 30 / $ 23,000 free


・ It’s called King of Mobile, but if it’s optimized for smartphones, it’s on-the-go.
・ If you have an account in yen such as ecopayz in yen, no exchange fee is charged.
・ The support is very attentive

Personal impression

There is no particular disadvantage.
I can’t use Venus Point and it’s a little difficult to use, but I personally think it’s the 1st and 2nd place among online casinos.
The UI is also designed to be easy to understand, and the betting conditions etc. are properly described, so it is an honest online casino.