pinnacle [FS100 times with the first deposit]


Pinnacle will be an online casino where you can also make sports bets. You can also bet on esports, so there are many ways to enjoy it.


Let’s bet on esports with pinnacle


・ 100 free spins on first deposit
・ Abundant handling of E-sports
・ Of course, you can also play slots and live casinos.

It is a site that focuses on sports betting even among online casinos.
Of course there are slots and live casinos.

The following is the screen immediately after login.
It seems that they are focusing on sports betting, especially esports, so it is recommended for those who love esports.

pinnacle Introduction provider

I wanted to check some types of slot providers, but apparently they can’t display them.
There was Munpuri, so there was play’GO.

Deposit method

Since there is Litecoin, it is just down now, so maybe you can play it at a good price.


It’s a sports bet and you can also bet on esports, so it looks good for sports betting people.


From the slot group’s point of view, the drawback is that you cannot search for providers.

Personal impression

I think it is a new site among sports bets.
I haven’t experienced sportsbet yet, but if the odds change depending on the site, new things may be advantageous.